MB STUDIO PRO (or MB STUDIO HOME / LITE with PLUGIN VIDEO) allows you to send keyboard "shortcuts" to other applications including for example VMIX.

To do this, you must first activate the Web Controller service in VMIX




In MB STUDIO \ Configuration \ Network \ Shortcuts we enter ip address:port of VMIX control


If VMIX is in the same computer together with MB STUDIO the address will be, if instead VMIX is in another computer we will enter the address of the VMIX computer (usually 192.168.1. Etc etc)

In the "Shortcut" box we can insert a key and by clicking TEST we send it to VMIX to check that the connection works.

If in the VMIX shortcuts we have assigned that key to some function, the function will be started.


If everything works we can move on to set the shortcuts in the properties of any object of MB STUDIO PRO:

1)we open the properties of the desired object 2021-04-17_234951.jpg

2) in Flags 2 we set the command to send either Before or After or Both 2021-04-17_235006.jpg

3) When the object is boradcasted those commands will be sent to VMIX