From today the MB STUDIO Video plugin has a native NDI output.

For the uninitiated, NDI is a protocol that transfers audio and video in real time between software applications on the same computer or other computers on your network. Now that MB STUDIO VIDEO has the NDI output you can, for example, install OBS Broadcast or VMIX on a different computer from the one where you use MB STUDIO and still receive video and audio from MB STUDIO in real time.

You need to install NDI by downloading it from here: https://go.ndi.tv/tools-for-windows

After installation it is recommended to restart Windows.

To activate NDI in your MB STUDIO VIDEO just go to Configuration \ Video \ Options 1 and activate the "NDI Video Output" flag


VMIX natively supports NDI sources while for OBS Broadcast it is necessary to install OBS version 29 or higher and this plugin: https://www.mbradio.it/service/obs-ndi-4.10.1-windows-x64-Installer.exe

To check if the NDI output is working open the NDI Studio Monitor program



And then from the menu select the computer and MB STUDIO NDI output


If NDI is working you will have video and audio