If you need to distribute the MB STUDIO video stream over a LAN or via the Internet to other MB STUDIOs or other players, you need video server software. (MB STUDIO's internal server is audio only). If you need to distribute the stream over the internet you also need a quality internet connection and plenty of upload bandwidth. Consider that a medium quality video channel requires at least 2 megabits for each connection so if 20 clients are connected an upload bandwidth of 40 megabits will be required!

We can use the software mediamtx https://github.com/aler9/mediamtx

I have prepared a preconfigured server version for MB STUDIO that you can download from here: https://www.mbradio.it/service/mediamtx.zip and unpack the 2 files inside the MBStudio folder.

Now in MB STUDIO we configure an RTSP encoder like in this image:


as you can see we send the RTSP stream to the local port :8554 with the name mbradio (you can change it as you wish) and to avoid unauthorized external access I entered a temporary login mbstudio and password mbstream.

After activating the encoder you can access the video with any rtsp player by opening the address rtsp://address:8554/mbradio (or other stream name you have given)

Not only that, the stream is also served directly to browsers from the address http://address:8888/mbradio (or other name flow you gave)  for example my test stream is here: https://mbsoft.net:8888/mbradio/

If you want to connect to the server via the internet you have to open the incoming ports 8554 and 8888 tcp on the router and map them to the computer where the server is located and in this case I recommend changing login and  password: open the mediamtx.yml file with a text editor and edit the lines publishUser: and publishPass: (note that there is an empty space between the 2 dots and the name and pass)



When the server is inside the MBStudio folder, the server is started automatically from MB STUDIO and the server window is hidden. If you prefer more control you can instead install the server in a folder other than MBStudio but in this case you will have to start the server manually and you must use the original installation downloaded from the server site https://github.com/aler9/mediamtx/releases ( windows_amd64.zip file)