In this section you can configure fonts and colors that are used when displaying text superimposed on the video using the appropriate button


The text can be static or flashing

  • Text update: if a text file containing several lines is displayed, this parameter indicates the display time of each line of text.
  • Margin: text box distance from screen edge (also affects Desktop Ticker VIDEO - NEWS TICKER )
  • Transparency: Adjust video transparency (also affects Desktop Ticker VIDEO - NEWS TICKER )

The flag "When advertising airs, display this text" causes the writing "ADVERTISING" (or other text) to appear at the beginning of each video that has the "Advertising" property \ statistics. By clicking the Properties button it is possible to write the text to be displayed in the "Title" box (usually it is "Advertising") and in the "Expected duration" box it is possible to adjust the time the text remains on the screen. Still in the properties, you can place the text where you want on the screen. The "Size" slider determines the size of the text.