Replacement photos and videos are automatically displayed when an audio file (therefore without video track) is broadcast.

Static photo and video folder - in this folder must be stored the photos in .jpg or .png format and / or the video files in .mp4 format having the same name as the corresponding audio files.

For example if the file pippo.mp3 is on the air then MB STUDIO will look for the photo pippo.jpg or pippo.png or the video file pippo.mp4 in this folder.

Filter options: in this box it is possible to insert WILDCARD for further searches for replacement files. Write the various wildcard characters separated by semicolons; let's see an example: in the box I write %artist%;%genre%;%program%. On air there is the song "Elisa - Soul" which has the genre "EASY" and which is in the file elisa-soul.mp3 and is loaded by the playliist "GOOD MORNING". MB STUDIO will search in this folder for the file elisa-soul.mp4 (or photo elisa-soul.jpg), if it does not find it then it will search for %artist% that is Elisa.mp4 (or photo Elisa.jpg), if it does not find it then it will search for %genre% that is EASY.mp4 (or photo EASY.jpg), if it does not find it then it will look for %program% that is GOOD MORNING.mp4 (or photo GOOD MORNING.jpg) and if it does not find it it will play a random replacement file

In this folder you can enter multiple photos or videos so that MB STUDIO automatically rotates them. For example, in this folder we can deposit videos numbered "Madonna 1.mp4" "Madonna 2.mp4" "Madonna 3.mp4" or photos numbered "Madonna 1.jpg" "Madonna 2.jpg" "Madonna 3.jpg" so every time a different video or image will be broadcast. MB STUDIO controls only the left part of the file name "Madonna" while the right part is at your free choice, for example "Madonna_2015.mp4" or "Madonna_new single.jpg" any syntax is accepted. If you want this type of operation, you need to add an asterisk after the wildcard character, for example %artist%*;%title%* causes the search for any file starting with the name of the artist or the title

If no static photo or video is found that meets the above requirements then MB STUDIO will search for a random video.

Random Video Folder - in this folder there are filed replacement video files in .mp4 format that MB STUDIO will reproduce in a completely random way.