MB STUDIO can announce the current weather conditions such as the current temperature, the minimum and maximum temperatures recorded since last midnight, humidity and pressure. Weather can be read by a synthetic voice or by pre-recorded human voices. Weather data come from the site: http://openweathermap.org/

To receive the weather data of your city you must first go to the menu' MBStudio \ Setup \ Options \ Weather Announcement and define your place in the City box: write the name of your city eventually followed by your country id or full country name


You can also leave the box empty and your location will be determined by your internet IP

Weather data are displayed in the stast window:


MB STUDIO offers the following wildcards can be used to obtain the values weather:

  • %weather% indicates the condition of the present time in the language in which Windows is set (eg: clear, cloudy, etc). The full list of the conditions of the time in English is available here or for all languages here
  • %weathercode% indicates the condition at present time in code instead of text. This is useful if you want to prepare prerecorder human voice files, one file for each weather condition. So exemple according to this list www.worldweatheronline.com/feed/wwoConditionCodes.txt if the weather is "sunny" MB STUDIO will play the file 113.mp3
  • %tempnow% indicates the current temperature
  • %feelslike% indicates the feelslike current temperature
  • %tempmax% indicates the maximum temperature
  • %tempmin% indicates the minimum temperature
  • %humi% indicates humidity percentage
  • %pres% indicates the pressure in millibars

Now that MB STUDIO consistently receives weather data we can finally announce them. As said earlier announcements can be made by a synthetic voice or through pre-recorded human voices. The synthetic voices can read a short text written directly in the entry box, or they can read an entire text file; within the text, you can call the weather data through wildcards

Let's now some examples:
the current weather condition is %weather% <- this sentence will say the actual weather condition (Sunny, Cloudy, etc)
the current temperature is %tempnow% degrees! <- This sentence will say the current temperature
the minimum temperature was %tempmin% degrees! <- This sentence will say the minimum temperature
the maximum temperature was %tempmax% degrees! <- This sentence will say the maximum temperature
humidity is the % humi% percent! <- This sentence will announce humidity
the pressure is %pres% millibars! <- This sentence will announce the pressure

Here is a complete example:
It's % hh% and %nn% minutes!. this are the weather conditions observed a few moments ago. %weather%. The current temperature is%tempnow% degrees, with a humidity of %humi% percent. The maximum temperature recorded so far was %tempmax% degrees, while the minimum dropped to %tempmin% degrees. Currently the pressure is %pres% millibars. that's all for now, the next update weather in about an hour!

In general you should write all the text with Notepad and then save it to a text file that will load in the panel "Synthetic Voices":


If you prefer to use a prerecorder human voice you must prepare all audio files according to this scheme:

  • Temperature-10 to Temperature40 <--- these are 50 different files, one for each different temperature, each file will say "13 degrees!"," 14 degrees! ", etc etc ...
  • TempeartureNow <---- this file should say "The current temperature is "
  • TempeartureFeelsLike <---- this file should say "The current FeelsLike temperature is "
  • TemperatureMax  <--- this file should say "The maximum temperature recorded so far has been of "
  • TemperatureMin <--- this file should say "The maximum temperature recorded so far has been of "
  • Humidity0 to Humidity100 <--- 101 files that should say "the humidity level is xx percent"
  • Pressure970 to Pressure1040 <--- these are 70 different files, one for each pressure, each file will say "The atmospheric pressure is xxxx millibars!"
  • WeatherCode113 to WeatherCode395 <---- 48 files that should say the current weather condition according to this list

and then will just realize one minilist of this type:

  • Presentation meteo.mp3 (this is a presentation file)
  • %weathercode%.mp3
  • Temperaturenow.mp3
  • Temperature%tempnow%.mp3 (current temperature)
  • TempeartureFeelsLike.mp3
  • Temperature%FeelsLike%.mp3 (FeelsLike temperature)
  • TemperatureMax.mp3
  • Temperature%tempmax%.mp3 (maximum temperature)
  • TemperatureMin.mp3
  • Temperature%tempmin%.mp3 (minimum temperature)
  • Humidity%humi%.mp3 (humidity 'current)
  • Pressure%pres%.mp3 (the current pressure)
  • Greetings.mp3