• Name: write a name of your choice here to recognize the connection in the connection list
  • Address: you need to enter the IP address of the internet connection where MB STUDIO PRO is running. In the network box of MB STUDIO PRO you will find all the data indicated 2024-02-23_190047.jpg . If you are near MB STUDIO PRO (i.e. in the same internal network) you will use the Lan address while if you are anywhere else in the world you will use the IP address. Please note that you will not be able to connect if you have not previously configured the router. MB STUDIO PRO - ROUTER CONFIGURATION
  • Port: it is necessary to insert the MB STUDIO PRO connection port (it is indicated in the MB STUDIO PRO Network box)
  • Password: enter the MB STUDIO PRO administrator password (CONFIGURATION - NETWORK) or one of the user passwords MB LIVE - USER CONFIGURATION