The procedures to upgrade or update MB STUDIO are differents depending on which version are you using.

the procedures are the same for HOME, LITE or PRO version.

First, you must be registered users of this site and correctly be logged in:

Still not registered? Proceed by clicking on Register, otherwise proceed to CUSTOMERS AREA

If you're still using the odlest MB STUDIO 7 you cannot go straight to the latest version. You must order the upgrade from v7 to v8 from here

If you're using MB STUDIO version 8.01 <-> 8.61 you can order the upgrade to 8.68 from HERE

If you're using MB STUDIO version 8.62 <-> 8.67 you can upgrade to the latest version if you have a valid upgrade plan, instructions here HOW TO GET THE MB STUDIO INSTALLATION CODE


  • Before to upgrade, copy the folder MBStudio in a safe place; in case of problems, you can restore the old folder to continue using the previous version. If you upgrade MB STUDIO without a safe copy, you cannot downgrade in case of problems or data loss

  • If you use MB STUDIO on multiple computers,kindly close MB STUDIO and MB SPOT on all the computers and begin the upgrade from the on air computer. Do not use different versions of MB STUDIO, you could have errors or data loss

Once you downloaded the file MBStudioInstall8xx.exe (where xx is the number version) and you made a safe copy of the MBStudio folder, you must close every running session of MB STUDIO and/or MB SPOT and run the installation file.