Through Random Song module you can insert into playlists or break a song randomly chosed from MB STUDIO according to the specified parameters. You can specify or exclude a language, a genre, year, rate, and Beats Per Minute. With the comment field you can select a song for comment, artist or title as described HERE

The MODE switch determines the mode of selection of the song:

  • Least Recently Played: it's the default and recommended method. MB STUDIO will search for a song less recently or ever played.
  • Least Times Played: MB STUDIO will choose a song never or few times played (see the column Hits in the songs list)
  • Most Recently Added: choose a song among the latest additions to the archive, checks the date of the column "Enabled since"
  • Random: choose a random song with no specific preference

Note that in all modes of selection, MB STUDIO try to respect the rules of Configuration \ songs or property of the song



The flag "HitList" force MB STUDIO to choose an hitlist song.

"Play Teaser only" will play from marker "Teaser In" to "Teaser Out"

"Allow replacement by request of Musicline": If the Musicline requests service is available, this song can be replaced by a song request from the listener. If there is also the flag "Comply with song properties" the replacement will take place only if the requested song has the same genre of this song.