When you load a file on MB STUDIO PRO from MB REMOTE, it is searched in the MB STUDIO folder list and if found it is overwritten (new file replaces old file)

If, on the other hand, it is a new file that has never existed before:

if it is a song it is stored in the default song folder (MB STUDIO \ Songs \ Add Songs)

If it is a random file it is stored in the default folder of random files (MB STUDIO \ Configuration \ Random Files).

If it is an advertising spot coming from MB SPOT REMOTE it is saved in the default Commercials folder (a file in whose properties the statistics field is set to "Advertising" is an advertising spot)


If it's a static video it's stored in the static video folder (MB STUDIO \ Configuration \ Video \ Options 2)

If it is a cover art it's stored in the cover art folder (MB STUDIO \ Configuration \ Web Export)

If it is a .txt text file it is intended as MidstreamTag and is therefore stored in the MBStudio \ MidstreamTag folder

If it is any other file, it is stored in the MBRemoteUpload \ Username folder (this folder is automatically added to the MBStudio folder list, there is no need to add it manually)