MB REMOTE works only if connected to MB STUDIO PRO 8.70 or higher. It does not work if connected to MB STUDIO LITE, HOME, NOLICENSE, DEMO or version 8.69 and lower

To connect MB REMOTE to MB STUDIO PRO you need 3 pieces of information.

On the MB STUDIO PRO home screen you will find the information you need in the Network box

  1. the IP address of MB STUDIO PRO, if you connect within the same router you will use the LAN address of MB STUDIO, while if you connect via the Internet you will use the Internet IP
  2. The connection port of MB STUDIO PRO
  3. The administrator password (which is set in MB STUDIO PRO / Configuration / Network) or a normal user password configured in MB STUDIO PRO / Configuration / MB Live)

For internet connection, MB STUDIO PRO must have a connection with Public IP and router configuration as explained here: MB LIVE - ROUTER CONFIGURATION

MB REMOTE side no router configuration is required

Enter the values in the relevant boxes and click "Connect"