Minor update MB STUDIO and MB REMOTE and MB LIVE

  • Logger: fixed issue with recordings not respecting the 24 hour duration limit.
  • Tempo time stretch: improved audio quality of time stretch
  • Video: restored scrolling text for texts inserted manually or from local text files
  • Video: video text (static, scrolling, flashing, desktop ticker) can now be placed anywhere on the screen and has adjustable width (Configuration / Video / Options 2 / Text / Position)
  • Video: it is now possible to activate or deactivate static, scrolling, flashing text, desktop ticker from Agenda
  • Video: it is possible to shrink the video even in positions other than the default.
  • Video: updated VLC to version 3.0.19
  • Video: MPV updated to version 23 September 2023
  • MB LIVE: Fixed an issue that caused a black screen with some video sources or cameras at 60 fps.

MB STUDIO and MB REMOTE can be updated with this procedure: MB STUDIO - CHECK FOR UPDATES