MB STUDIO version 8.64.4 is available for Windows 10.

ATTENTION: This version of MB STUDIO is not free, before proceeding with the download READ HERE -> SUBSCRIPTION MB STUDIO UPDATES.

Compared to the previous version:

  • Outro: improved display of song outro.
  • Agenda: new "Load Playlist" internal command that allows you to rebroadcast a playlist without having to create copies. With this command, you can automatically broadcast any playlist regardless of the playlist's original time / calendar
  • Options: in Configuration \ Options new command "Remove Voice Intro if Intro insufficient" removes a voice intro from the playlist if the next item intro is too short to contain it
  • Bug fix: fixed the bugs reported in version 8.64

    MB STUDIO 8.64
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    03/04/2020 20:46:00

MB LIVE 1.64.4 for WINDOWS DESKTOP available in the download area.



  • Second audio input thanks to which it is possible to mix a second microphone or via loopback the audio of the computer (to capture the audio of skype or voip programs)
  • Display of the OUTRO of the song currently on air and of those in playlist.
  • In configuration new option "Always on top" and new keyboard commands.

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02/04/2020 16:08:00

MB LIVE 1.64 for WINDOWS DESKTOP available in the download area.



  • New "Volume Voice Track" slider that allows you to level the background music when you click the TALK button
  • Configuration / new option "Ask for Confirm Play Now" if a request is active, it appears to confirm the "Play Now" command on an object
  • It is possible to amplify the audio input signal if it is too low

New Popular 5.43 MB 16453
02/04/2020 16:08:00


la musica ieri , le emozioni di domani

La più bella musica suona solo qui!!

Primaradio: tanta musica, molta informazione, niente chiacchiere ! Ogni giorno la migliore musica pop e rock: 50% italiana e 50% internazionale. Dalle 7 alle 21, ogni ora, news dall'Italia e dal ...

Trasmette da agrigento copre le province di AG -CL -TR - PA - etc..

Uniradio Cesena - La webradio degli studenti dell'Università di Bologna, campus di Cesena!

Radio a carattere commerciale in ambito locale sulle province di Salerno, Napoli ed Avellino. 

Radio Internazionale Genk la radio col cuore italiano in Belgio

La Radio che parla di te...

Radio Onda Novara - Novara e Provinica FM 88.9 MHZ

Frequenze in FM Olbia 92.8 100.5 100.8 Gallura 100.5 100.8 Costa Smeralda 100.8 Sassari 96.0 Alghero 100.0 Nuoro 94.0 Oristano 88.35 Ogliastra 94.0 Cagliari 93.8 Sulcis 95.1 IN DIGITALE TERRESTRE ...



Now Playing / Ora in onda


MB STUDIO PRO / LITE MB STUDIO is a radio automation software that will allow you to create and manage your own radio station playing all your media files: jingles, commercials, news, songs, Files from internet, live streams, live inputs from your sound card, satellite feeds. Automatically download news and shows from Internet. Multiple overlapping files and/or live sources (mic, line, aux). Voice tracking. Integrated CD Ripper. Integrated jukebox to play songs requested via sms / email messages. Display current playlist on your web site.


video reel32MB RECASTER features an audio recorder with scheduler, a webcast module to send streams to any Shoutcast, Icecast or Windows Media server, AutoDJ function to play randomly your own audio files from up to 4 folders, a stream receiver allowing to record or recast to your server (transcoder), an audio converter from/to any format.


MB LIVEMB LIVE is a software that stream a live audio feed from any place to an MB STUDIO PRO automation in the main radio studio. MB LIVE make use of a TCPIP connection and is fully configurable with 2 different audio codecs: MP3 and OPUS. This program is free for MB STUDIO PRO users