MB STUDIO 8.75.2 available


Compared to the previous version:

  • Video: the weather widget now allows you to choose the desired icon pack (1 of which is animated) and is adjustable in both width and height CONFIGURATION - VIDEO - OPTIONS3 - WEATHER
  • Weather: the data is now updated every 30 minutes instead of every hour and a bug where the "Feels like" temperature was incorrect has been fixed
  • Songs: when using the TEMPO (TIME-STRETCH) function it is possible to set the minimum duration that a song must have before it can be cut (Configuration \ Songs \ More)
  • Songs: Fixed a bug where the year of the song was not correctly loaded from some audio files
  • MB SPOT: Printing the broadcast report for customers now also includes the name of the commercial next to the broadcasted time
  • Youtube: when you activate the "live"+"audio only" flag or set the stream type to "audio" only the audio track is now downloaded even if the original track contains video, thus obtaining less use of internet bandwidth