MB STUDIO 8.55.9

available in the Customers Area MB STUDIO update version 8.55.9

To upgrade from 8.4 versions and older please read here

What's new compared to 8.55.6

  • Support ASIO soundcards (MB STUDIO PRO only). In the card selection tab you can now select which ASIO channel input or output you want to use
  • Support USB multichannel sound cards WASAPI (eg Behringer UMC 404 or MAYA44 USB). In the audio selection tab you can now select which channel input or output you want to use
  • Songs: improved songs shuffle
  • Random Song: in the comment field you can specify multiple search words linked by an & (example: "festival & winner")
  • Music rules are active also on playlist on the future (MB STUDIO PRO only): If the future playlist or minilist contains songs, MB STUDIO guarantees the application of the global rules of distance (Setup \ Songs), so now you can prepare in advance minilists or playlists containing songs, avoiding the eventuality that one of those songs go on the air just before the airing of the playlist.
  • Images: When you charge a cover, this is copied to the default folder and not moved
  • New Weather management via www.worldweatheronline.com
  • Weather: added the wildcard %weather% that returns the current weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, rain, ect). More info here
  • Webcast: when statistics are not available from the server (eg Radionomy) MB STUDIO automatically suspends the request to the server statistics so as not to overload the network
  • Live Playlist: fully resizable window (including full screen).
  • MB SPOT: Configuration \ Other ... you can set the default folder of the commercials, in which copy or move the spot when programming in the customer
  • MB SPOT: in the properties of the break you can choose "end at xx: xx" with or without forcing
  • Fixed bugs in the following sections: publications, download, weather, webcast, live playlist, GSM Modem
  • TuneIn: fixed a problem of character set (incorrect display accents and special characters)
  • Publication playlist on Twitter via https://twitter.com/samsonginfo
  • Publications: web export on UTF8 format

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