MB RECASTER PRO updated to version 3.9.6. (WIndows Vista, 7, 8, 10)


  • Added the parameter "Stats" in Setp \ Webcast \ Encoder:  enter here the administration password of your shoutcast server (required by MB RECASTER to download the current listeners stat). SO in the password field enter the source password and in the stats field enter the administration password. Both passwords are shown in the control panel of stream hosting server: Impostazioni Server Shotucast 2
  • the encoders are now running asynchronous without interfering each other
  • During an MB LIVE connection: click on MB LIVE / TALK VOICE TRACK to overlap the current MB RECASTER source, or click MB LIVE / PLAY NOW to have MB RECASTER stop the current track and immediately play the MB LIVE stream
  • Plugin DSP new flag "Auto DJ only" to limit the sound processing to the autodj source only

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28/01/2022 21:30:00