MB STUDIO new version 8.57.0 for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista is available

what's new compared to version 8.56.9:

  • Playlist Editor: a new layout with longer listview and commands moved to the right side
  • Songs: a new layout with longer listview and commands moved to the right side. The artist search now include alias, while the extended search will look to comment, album, author, label, code
  • Commercials: you can automatic play a commercial extension file putting in the same folder a second file with following syntax:: spot__ddmmyyy__ddmmyyy. To automatically play an extension for the spot henry.mp3 from 3 september 2016 to 28 september 2016 put the file in the same folder of the original spot and name it henry__030916__280916.mp3. Each time the henry.mp3 will play MB STUDIO will automatically play also the extension file henry__03092016__28092016.mp3 file. The extensions are used to announce special offers or campaign for a limited time
  • New function Web Export \ Http that allow to send the Now On Air text to up 10 http calls (ex: TuneIn)
  • MB SPOT: fixed a bug that was causing empty print
  • fixed few memory leak that was causing slowdown or strange behaviours after weeks or months without restart.
  • Other minor bugs fixed

{rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall857.exe"}