MB STUDIO version 8.66 is available for Windows 10.

ATTENTION: This version of MB STUDIO is not free, before proceeding to download READ SUBSCRIPTION MB STUDIO UPDATES

Compared to the previous version:

  • Graphic interface: modified PLAYLIST GRAPHIC INTERFACE to obtain speed, ease of use, drag & drop from songs, breaks, random files, external streams.
  • Random files: it is now possible to manually insert a file in the playlist by choosing it from the list of random files.
  • Breaks: to make the playlist easier to read, breaks occupy a single row of the playlist. It is possible to unpack the display by clicking the clock icon on the left. In any case, the breaks self-unpack when they reach position 2 or lower in the transmission playlist
  • Memory: Fixed an issue that caused memory leaks on some systems
  • Video: in the properties of a song it is now possible to choose a replacement video from the local disk as well as from youtube
  • Webcast: it is possible to activate more internal servers working on the same TCP port, in this way it is possible to transmit more simultaneous streams of different quality on the same TCP port.
  • MB SPOT: Stores the column width
  • Fixes and improvements: dozens of bug fixes of the previous version and speed up


{rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall866.exe"}