MB STUDIO version 8.60 available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista.

Warning: when updating from 8.59.1 or lower version, before installing read the changes to the Webcast section introduced since version 8.59.2!

 What's changed on this version:

  • Bug fixes from version 8.59.4
  • Prelisten: Fade out range extended to 10 seconds
  • Playlist: you can now set Start and Expiration Date of each playlist
  • External Stream: HLS support
  • Songs: added column "Code"
  • Audio codecs: WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC+, AAC (require installation of ITunes or Quicktime Apple), OGG, OPUS, (WMA removed)
  • Webcast: new integrated stream server with up to 100 concurrent connections
  • MB SPOT: Customer/Time, Random Breaks, it's now possible set indipendent start/expiration date for each scheduled time.
  • Optional Video Plugin
  • In the properties of each object it is possible to send a command to an external application
  • Increased execution speed

    {rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall860.exe"}