MB STUDIO version 8.59.2 available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista.

Warning: Before installing, read the changes to the Webcast section!

 new to version 8.59.1:

  • Fixed small bugs found in version 8.59.1
  • Option Multiplayer: (MB STUDIO PRO only) added a sub option "Suspend MultiPlayer during AUTOMATIC" Read more
  • Webcast: WARNING! At the first run of this release 8.59.2 the Webcast capture will be reset to MB Studio Mix and if you want to captures from an audio card you will have to reconfigura the input according to this new procedure:


    Webcast selector does not display the list of computer cards but only the 4 EXT external sources configured in MB STUDIO. Therefore, select here an unused EXT source (eg EXT4) and then click the configuration button to assign the desired sound card to EXT4.


  • Pre-listen: you can now select the "Next Item" liner and preview the mixing with the next item in the playlist (Only if the next item is a song or a file, no random file, url, or dynamic items) Pre-listen It's just mix-out mix-in without preview of voice outro, track or intro.
  • Property: new flag named "Do not apply AGC or Compressor to this item".
  • Setup\Metwork\MB LIVE: available new flag "Do not apply AGC or Compressor to this item" (If enabled, the link latency is slightly reduced). Also, with Default buffer, the latency of the link was slightly reduced and a bug was corrected that caused occasional audio skips
  • Song Announcement: It is no longer necessary for announcement or unannouncement files to have the same file extension as the song. Example: song.m4a and song_announcement.mp3 will now work normally.
  • Reading TAGs (artist, title, label, genre, etc) from MP4 video files m4v (ITunes)
  • Removed the News section as it is obsolete and can be replaced with any RSS Reader for Windows

    {rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall859.exe"}