MB STUDIO version 8.60.9 is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista.

 Warning: if updating from 8.59.1 or lower before installing read the changes to the Webcast section introduced since version 8.59.2!

Compared to version 8.60.8:

  • Fixed bugs found in the following areas: MB LIVE, Multiplayer, MB SPOT, Antistal function, Recorder
  • 1 DSP Plugins and 1 32-bit VST Plugins can be used simultaneously on both the output bus and the Webcast bus
  • The EXT audio inputs now have an adjustable buffer.
  • Configuration \ Options new Force Single CPU option: if enabled it forces the execution of MB STUDIO on a single CPU (as in MB STUDIO 8.59 and lower), to be activated only if there are crashes, freezes or interruptions of the audio flow of unknown cause.

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