MB STUDIO version 8.64.6 is available for Windows 10.

ATTENTION: This version of MB STUDIO is not free, before proceeding with the download READ HERE -> SUBSCRIPTION MB STUDIO UPDATES.

Compared to the previous version:

  • Songs: it is now possible to replace the current song with a different version (audio or video) downloaded from youtube. It is also possible to download a replacement video and, cue point the intro to both the audio file and the video file, and MB STUDIO will try to maintain the synchronism between the original audio file and the replacement video file.
  • 32-bit webcast: all webcast encoders (except AAC + Plus, FLAC and WAV) now work in 32-bit (instead of 16 bit) effectively eliminating any possible distortion of sound even if the 0db level is exceeded (to take advantage of the maximum 32-bit quality even those who receives the stream must use a player and a 32 bit sound card)
  • MB LIVE: completely eliminated the return of your voice in MB LIVE when the return of MB LIVE is set on "MBStudio Mix". No special configuration is needed anymore.
  • MB LIVE: Internal intercom for off-air communication with other connected MB LIVE or with the speaker who is using MB STUDIO PRO. It is located in the CHAT window. The button is of the PUSH TO TALK type and must therefore be kept pressed while speaking.
  • MBLive: improved the management of multiple simultaneous connections. If the "MBStudio Mix" return is used in Configuration \ MBLive, those who use MB LIVE also hear the other speakers when they air.
  • VuMeter: added other types of vumeters
  • Properties: in the properties of any object it is now possible to customize the AGC (Automatic Volume Control)
  • Bug fix: fixed the bugs reported in version 8.64.5

    {rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall864.exe"}