MB STUDIO version 8.59 is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista


what's new compared to version 8.58:

  • Plays audio from video files. Video files can be loaded and played anywhere in MB STUDIO and MB SPOT exactly as audio files. Subsequent updates will also allow the playback of video files for video playout. Please install also this video codecs
  • It is now possible to manage the MidStreamTags comfortably. See here
  • Direct support RDS encoders from DEVA Broadcast. See here
  • It is now possible to independently customize the text format for streaming, for the OnAir.txt file and for RDS. See here
  • Songs: Introduced the new "Weight" parameter adjustable from 0 to 10. A song with a weight of 10 will play 10 times more often than a song with a weight of 0 (it does not affect HitList songs). From this version, the "rate" of a song no longer affects its playback frequency.
  • Improved Fade In / Fade Out effects
  • You can now use VST plugins (Select VST Host DSP - dsp_vst.dll in the DSP Plugin Selector)
  • Weather: You can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees
  • FTP Export: You can enable / disable passive FTP
  • On the main playlist, a click on the property line does not open the properties but is equivalent to a click on the slot. See the guide.
  • Playlist Editor: added a filter to display only some items 2017-04-29_003909.png
  • Removed the "Demo" word.  When MB STUDIO runs without the cryptobox USB it show the name "NoLicense". This allows you to effectively distinguish the DEMO version from the client version. The MBStudioDemo.exe file can be deleted from the MBStudio folder.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

    {rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall859.exe"}