MB STUDIO version 8.70 is available


Compared to the previous version:

  • MB REMOTE: supports the new MB REMOTE application for remote management
  • Random files: now the random files have 3 genres of 10 characters instead of 1 genre of 20 characters, the genres and the calendar are set from the prelisten window as already happens for the songs
  • Playlist: weekly calendar extended to odd / even days, odd / even weeks, weekdays / holidays
  • Webcast: Support for SSL Shoutcast / Icecast (do not activate if your streaming server does not support SSL) (MB STUDIO PRO only)
  • Webcast: built-in SSL libraries, it is no longer necessary to install OpenSSL on the computer
  • Audio: Built-in Apple AAC codec, it is no longer necessary to install QuickTime or Itunes on your computer.
  • HTTP web export: it is now possible to export data with an executable file or with an external .bat script
  • MB SPOT: if there is a static video associated with an audio file, it is automatically played during pre-listening
  • MB SPOT: now the option "finish at " can be used even if there are some random files in the time sequence; MB STUDIO will pre-load the random files in order to calculate the real duration of the time sequence and finish it at the scheduled time
  • Video: introduced video recording
  • Video: in the properties there is a preview of the video dimensions
  • Video: rss text - fixed bug displaying some characters
  • Video: in the scrolling text speed adjustment
  • Video: line height adjustment of static or scrollable text
  • Video: Fixed webcam possible crash
  • Video: the background of the video window can be not only an image, but also an external video or stream
  • Video: sending shortcuts to Vmix via http commands
  • Video: update to VLC 3.0.17
  • Audio: Fixed a possible crash when playing external audio streams
  • Audio: remember the sound card used even after windows updates
  • Automatic updates: from the MBStudio \ License menu you can choose between "Never" - "On restart" - "During the night"
  • NOTICE: this update starts the 8.70 series, does not install via automatic updates and must be installed manually because at the first start it will be necessary to reload the current playlist and reposition some windows (including the video one).


{rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall870.exe"}