Claudio Cecchetto's new radio project has begun and on his birthday he has offered himself his third radio: Radio Cecchetto, after Radio DeeJay and Radio Capital.

Claudio Cecchetto is an Italian record producer. Conductor of several editions of the most important Italian music festivals, San Remo Festival, Festivalbar, and numerous Italian music shows, during his career he founded and directed to success Radio Deejay and Capital Radio. He is also known for being the talent scout for many musical and television artists including Gerry Scotti, Jovanotti, Fiorello, Amadeus, Marco Baldini, Paola e Chiara, Sabrina Salerno, Albertino, Linus, Sandy Marton, Tracy Spencer, Kay Rush, Luca Laurenti, Marco Mazzoli, Daniele Bossari, Fabio Volo, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Francesco Facchinetti And more recently, Finley.

The new radio channel will be broadcast digitally in DAB+ on the MediaDab-SpaceDab mux and in streaming on the site radiocecchetto.it.

Claudio Cecchetto chose our MB Studio software as the radio automation system for his new radio.

All the staff of newradio.it and MBSoft wish you a good job and a super 'good luck' to Claudio and all his collaborators.