MB STUDIO 8.56.1

available in the Customers Area MB STUDIO update version 8.56.1

To upgrade from 8.4 versions and older please read here

What's new compared to 8.56.0

  • You can drag items from LIVE PLAYLIST to the on air SLOTS (only if the live playlist is in list mode)
  • the internal AGC and Compressor are less CPU loading
  • Fixed a possible deadlock when playing a bed and a voice track together
  • In Setup \ Options \ the flag "Ignore Tag" is again available (it allow to display or not display the internal metadata of audio files). This flag has no effect on songs library, songs tag are always displayed
  • The liner separator for MB LIVE will automatically play a bed during an MB LIVE connection

{rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall856.exe"}