There is a lot of talk in these hours about teleworking and the possibility for radios to have their speakers broadcast from home, but this is often a difficult thing from a technical point of view.

The radios and web radios that use MB Studio PRO have always had a higher gear by being able to use the MBLive software for direct from outside.

But in recent weeks the new versions of MB Studio 8.64.2 and MB Live 1.64.2 have been released, which have truly taken remote live to a further step forward.

The new MB Live, with the support of the latest MB Studio PRO update, makes it possible for a speaker to make their own program from home a piece of cake.

The new MBLive allows you to easily manage everything you really need to go live from anywhere remotely:

  • You can see the airing screen in real time with all the necessary parameters (time, duration, intro)
  • You can talk over songs, bases and all objects as if you were in the studio listening in real time to the return from MBStudio as if you had a headset connected to the direction.
  • You can control, insert, move songs, jingles, backing tracks and any element available in MBStudio
  • You can insert a file on the local PC on the fly (as if it were on MBStudio).
  • You can check the time slots and manually enter them remotely
  • You can record voice tracks remotely with 1 click

Latency never exceeds 300/400 milliseconds and normally stabilizes around 150.

With a good setup you won't hear your voice late on headphones.

In short, a truly easy to use and complete tool to decentralize the work of the speakers of a radio and, if necessary, to make your own live broadcasts from home or from places other than the main studio.

If you use MBStudio PRO, update it to the latest version and try the new MBLive.