MB STUDIO version 8.57.4 is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista

what's new compared to 8.57.3:

  • No new functions added, this is only a bug fix release.
  • Fix: Memory leak during ftp upload
  • Fix: Export to Twitter
  • Other small bugs fixed

    {rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall857.exe"}


MB STUDIO version 8.57.3 is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista

what's new compared to 8.57.2:

  • the Folders setup now automatically include the search on first-level subfolder without the need to add it to the list. Read more here.
  • Fix: Due to an old bug from version 8.55.5 and above, the automatic backup of important configuration files (.cfg) was not enabled.
  • Fix: Due to an old bug from version 8.55.9 and above, on some computers rarely the webcast operations was not running properly
  • Support for MBLIVE for IOS (out very soon)

    {rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall857.exe"}


MB STUDIO version 8.57.2 available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista

What's new compared to previuos version 8.57.1:

  • New window for time recorder, from menu Tools select Time Recorder.
  • New MID-STREAM TAG system that allow to display song titles of prerecorded shows and/or to overlap jingles while the show is playing
  • HTTP Requests are sent only when a song is broadcasting (to avoid too frequent requests that could flood the server causing a ban). However you can still enable http requests to be sent for any broadcasted item by adding wildcard %all% to the url address
  • Small graphic changes to Edit Playlist window
  • FTP: retry upload until success

    {rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall857.exe"}


frequenze ragusa modice e limitrofi 94.100, 100.000 .. scicli e zona costiera 97.200 .. pozzallo e zona costiera 101.400 .. ispica 107.000 catania siracusa e provincia 95.000 .. ragusa 107.800 .. ...

Da 28 anni la radio locale della Valle Ossola Fm 92.8 - 89.6 - 89.7 Mhz diventa un nostro ascoltatore! informazione cultura musica

Il divertentismo del ristorante Convento Music Dance - La web radio per raccontarsi e raccontare

frequenze: 90.500 / 94.400 prov.Oristano - 88.100 medio campidano - 104.000 prov.Cagliari

Radio che copre la provincia di Sassari sui 93.5 , in attività da oltre 40 anni

Frequenze in FM Olbia 92.8 100.5 100.8 Gallura 100.5 100.8 Costa Smeralda 100.8 Sassari 96.0 Alghero 100.0 Nuoro 94.0 Oristano 88.35 Ogliastra 94.0 Cagliari 93.8 Sulcis 95.1 IN DIGITALE TERRESTRE ...

Radio Centro Campania inizia la radiodiffusione alla fine degli anni settanta con Radio Resina Sound. A metà degli anni ottanta Radio Resina Sound diventa Tele Radio Centro Campania per poi ...

Dal 1978 Radio TUA Ancona è la compagna fedele nella provincia di Ancona. Buona musica, informazione e tutto sull'Ancona Calcio. FM 98,500-92,200 . Internet

Radio Macomer Centrale trasmette dal 1979 in tutto il centro Sardegna. Le frequenze FM: 89.3 - 95.8 - 98.6 - 102.5 - 103.5 Puoi ascoltarla anche in streaming all'indirizzo ...

Soloradio - 100.500 Mhz - 98.800 Mhz - Musica anni '80 Soloradio Italia - 98.100 Mhz - 91.100 Mhz - Musica Italiana dagli anni 70 ad oggi.



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MB STUDIO PRO / LITE MB STUDIO is a radio automation software that will allow you to create and manage your own radio station playing all your media files: jingles, commercials, news, songs, Files from internet, live streams, live inputs from your sound card, satellite feeds. Automatically download news and shows from Internet. Multiple overlapping files and/or live sources (mic, line, aux). Voice tracking. Integrated CD Ripper. Integrated jukebox to play songs requested via sms / email messages. Display current playlist on your web site.


video reel32MB RECASTER features an audio recorder with scheduler, a webcast module to send streams to any Shoutcast, Icecast or Windows Media server, AutoDJ function to play randomly your own audio files from up to 4 folders, a stream receiver allowing to record or recast to your server (transcoder), an audio converter from/to any format.


MB LIVEMB LIVE is a software that stream a live audio feed from any place to an MB STUDIO PRO automation in the main radio studio. MB LIVE make use of a TCPIP connection and is fully configurable with 2 different audio codecs: MP3 and OPUS. This program is free for MB STUDIO PRO users