MB RECASTER 4.3 PRO & FREE is avaiable for download.


Changes list:

  • Refreshed graphic style
  • The encoders configuration now expose a new flag flag "Limit Rate" 2018-02-13_172247.png This flag limit the encoder rate to the nominal rate and should be used only if the stream server returnm an error of exceeded bitrate. In normal conditions keep this flag disabled.
  • updated codecs and audio libraries
  • If the capture card fails (like when remote desktop connect / disconnect) MB RECASTER restart the capture process
  • In Setup\Options it's now possible to set CPU ALL 2018-02-13_173542.png that improve the cpu load when using DSP plugin like Stereo Tool
  • Support of read / convert .opus files (MB RECASTER PRO only)
  • Agenda: 2018-02-13_171514.png add a new command "Delete File" to delete one or several files. It's possible to use wildcard é to delete all files in a folder (ex: c:\folder\*.*) or only of the same type (c:\folder\*.mp3) or containing the same name (c:\folder\news*.*) (MB RECASTER PRO only)

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