MB STUDIO version 8.64.3 is available for Windows 10.

ATTENTION: This version of MB STUDIO is not free, before proceeding with the download READ HERE -> SUBSCRIPTION MB STUDIO UPDATES.

Compared to the previous version:

  • Songs: in the hitlist tab you can automatically exclude the other songs of this artist. In this way, during the rotation period of the hitlist song, other songs of this artist will never be transmitted. At the end of the hitlist period the other songs of this artist are automatically reactivated.
  • Input sound cards: amplification is now available to increase the level of inputs that are too low
  • MB LIVE: optimization for simultaneous connections. In the LIVE section, the MB LIVE slider allows all the connected MB LIVEs to be broadcast (instead of just one MB LIVE)
  • Voice track volume: it is now possible to customize the level of music during voice tracks both in the LIVE / TALK section and in the INSTANT PLAYLIST section
  • Instant Playlist: When using "Overlay" the object always sounds at full volume (regardless of the simultaneous presence of other overlapping audio channels such as LIVE / TALK or MB LIVE)
  • Download: in the URL addresses MB STUDIO automatically removes the characters% 20 and% 2f replacing them with the corresponding characters
  • Bug fix: fixed the bugs reported in version 8.64

    {rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall864.exe"}