MB STUDIO version 8.64 is available for Windows 10.

ATTENTION: This version of MB STUDIO is not free, before proceeding with the download READ HERE -> SUBSCRIPTION MB STUDIO UPDATES.

Compared to the previous version:

  • MB LIVE: ready for MB LIVE 1.64 for WINDOWS
  • MB LIVE: USER CONFIGURATION to manage who, how and when you can connect to MB STUDIO PRO
  • YOUTUBE: it is now possible to insert YouTube elements directly into playlists, minilists or time slots
  • Video: it is now possible to use WILDCARD to define the choice of PHOTOS/VIDEOS REPLACEMENT
  • Wildcards: new WILDCARD WORDS available
  • Songs: in Songs \ Edit \ Update Tag the fields "Mixing points", "Calendar", "Customa", "Customb", "Customc" have been added. In this way it is possible to re-read also these tags from the audio files.
  • Bug fix: fixed the bugs reported in version 8.63

    {rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall864.exe"}